Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall 2009 Collection.

After quite a while of brain freeze, we're back!
Only to bring you the latest collection of ours.
Sorry to keep you waiting. My bad.

As stated on the previous sneak peek -
Maxis presents Street Fashion Show (23 October 2009).
In collaboration with Malaysia International Fashion Association, the Maxis Street Fashion Show aims to inject the fashion trends of today into the urban, style-conscious youths here in Kuala Lumpur.

As one of all participants, we proudly showcased -
Quiksilver and Roxy Fall 2009 collection.

A range of denim inspired clothing with a new line of boardshorts were introduced to all Quiksilver-ians.
Check out the stylists' pieces of art.

With the Gracefully Grunge and Blue Jean Baby primary themes, lovers of Roxy witnessed creations that are influenced by a rock and roll beat as well as a slick dash of feminine flow.

You know what to expect the next round you hit any of our outlets?

Ohh hey! *spoiler alert*
We don't just serve you with boardshorts and bikinis :p

Think we're always beachy and surfy?
Time's up for a lil' cracking up and thinking twice :)

It's a Fashion World after all. Isn't it?

Credits :
Photographer - Justin Chan
Stylists - Nicholas Ling , Cheryl Chung
All Quiksilver and Roxy crew.
Everyone else that made this a blast.


  1. The photographer seriously need some lessons in basic photography. My 10 year old cousin can take better photos.

    Hire a proper one - not like you guys cannot afford to. Seriously.

  2. Hi John,
    Why? Coz we didn't hired you, hahahahah