Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring In The City

Have you been waiting for our new collection?

And now, we are proud to bring you our latest Spring collection!

This season, you'll be expecting boyfriend tees, cropped tops boyfriend jeans, shorts and flowy tops.
That's for the girls.

As for the guys, be excited to check out your new tees. Add them into your closest to fill in the empty spaces if you don't already have.

Experience your Spring in the city, only with Quiksilver and Roxy!


  1. i would ask why quiksilver is mark up ur product price? last year i bought quiksilver sandal name carver for 79.90 , n rcently i saw is 99.9? the same thing ??? wat is tis about? it ridiculous! pls don cheat us as customer

  2. Hi Nick,

    We would like to clarify that there are none negative intentions for a price raise on our products.

    Reason being, the cost of products have been increased along in time. Therefore, a slight change of pricing were made.

    We hope that you would understand too.

    Thank you.