Saturday, October 30, 2010

Special Thanks to MIFA!

Roxy Pink Project together with PRIDE Foundation had successfully ended the 2days roadshow at Pavilion! On behalf of Quiksilver & Roxy Malaysia, I would like to extend my gratitude towards Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA), Pavilion KL, LPPKN and not to forget, PRIDE Foundation for making this event a memorable one!

Thank you MIFA for allowing the 6 MIFA girls finalist to showcase our range of Pink Tees. Below are some brief biography of each individual contestants.
From left to right- Anna S, Rennee, Yuen, Eleen, Gabrielle and Stephanie.
Dressed in signature 'Pink' to marked their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Hailing from the serene surbabia that is Serendah in Selangor, model Anna Syuhada moonlights as a customer service representative in the daytime. Based in Kuala Lumpur, the 24-year-old is an active sportswomen who counts retail therapy as a sport.
Like a sponge that soaks up knowledge, 24-year-old Eleen Yong is always eager to learn, especially when it has anything to do with her passion, modelling. Listing listening as one of her hobbies, the Subang girl holds a Bachelors in Accounting but has spent the past year on fashion runways and is a beauty with brains.

With a penchant for rare marine fishes, 20-year-old Gabrielle Ashley Boudville does not lack for conversational starters in her role as a student ambassador in her current university. Her love for modelling complements her educational pursuit as a fashion design student and can be frequently found in a quiet corner reading or fiddling with her camera.
Currently pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration, 22-year-old Stephanie Vincent may be a stunning beauty but one who prefers quality time with her loved ones rather than hitting the clubs. A connoisseur of good books, the Malacca-born Stephanie loves playing the piano and swimming.

Born in Ipoh, Rennee Wearn has always loved Chinese classical music and is quite the player on the Er-Hu. Armed with a degree in mass communications, the 24-year-old gets limber with yoga and loves cooking when she’s not walking down the runways.
Aspiring in the footsteps of the famous with single names like Iman and Madonna, local model Yuen has set her sights on being an internationally acclaimed, high fashion clotheshorse.

A worthy ambition for the 22-year-old, considering the many bouts of name-calling she had to endure in her quest for success, but like the ugly duckling who grew into a swan, the Kuala Lumpur girl has shed the ugly catcalls and comments and is now a statuesque beauty who loves tinkling on the piano, exercising and travelling.

A big thank you for attending this eventful meeting! Your presence really had brought us joy!

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