Thursday, November 4, 2010

Annual Friends & Family Sale!

know, I know, this is something to shout out for =)

The long awaited Quiksilver's Annual Friends & Family Sale is finally here! This is the time for ALL you people to shop till you drop!

5th November: QS Sunway & QS Pavilion
6th November: QS MidValley, QS 1Utama, QS KLCC, QS Bukit Tinggi & QS Alamanda

1. Recycle Bag
2. Cash
3. Credit Card
4. Debit Card
5. Last but not least, SMS / Invitation Card to enter!

See you there peeps & Happy Shopping!


  1. if i didnt get any sms or invitation card but i got it from email

    so how ?

  2. me too . i didn't get an sms for this 5th and 6th nov . but i got an sms on 29th oct and its at sabah , kuantan and melaka . how can i join this event ?

  3. Is it possible if I enter without invitation, but with the membership card? Cos the picture above said it's exclusively for Quiksilver & Roxy Preferred Card Members and CIMB & Direct Access Credit Card Members.

  4. No invite cannot go ? Got the quiksilver card also no use bleah

  5. if i have cimb crdt card can go in or not?

  6. I just called quicksilver pavillion,and they said u can if only u have the membership card.don't require any email or sms.tq