Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quiksilver Is Going Green.

With the overwhelming attack of natural disasters worldwide due to climate change, ecological responsibility is the new buzz word among individuals, organizations, institutions, and companies. Being ecological responsible, many considerations had been taken to save the earth and also, make everyone a better place to live.
In conjunction with Earth Day, Quiksilver proudly launch 2011 Recycled Tees Collection, which made out of recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.
Material made from recycled polyester blend is considered eco-friendly because it does not require new production and therefore uses less oil while decreasing the output of pollutants. Recycling the polyester also means less waste and more extended use of existing materials. Among its benefits for the wearer are the material’s being breathable while having resistance against wind and rain.
Material made from organic cotton needs certification from a governing agency to prove that the cotton has indeed been grown organically on land that has not been treated with any form of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides in the previous three years. Soil renewal should have been achieved through crop rotation and fertilizers used should be limited to manure. Among its benefits for the wearer are the material’s having all the qualities of traditional cotton, including its being highly absorbent, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, machine washable and machine dryable.  

Soft gathers and lightweight crew neck tees features greenery; trees illustration on the front. This Recycled Tee is available in four different earth colors and is supreme fit according to individual’s size. Pick one up and pair it with your favorite denim or skinny jeans to complete the look.

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