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Penang 6th International Skimboarding Competition

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Last weekend, the Penang 6th International Skimboarding Competition was held in Tanjung Tokong Beach, Penang. Quiksilver Malaysia is proud to be the main sponsor for this event. The competition was held at the Naza Talyya Hotel on the 15th & 16th September 2012.

What is Skimboarding? Well.. Skimboarding is a sport which was originated from California. The lifeguards of California beach would throw down their skimboard and slide along the beach which is a quicker way of getting around the beach compared to running. How skimboarding works is that you take a board, throw it down right where the sand and water meet, jump on it and you’re able to slide along. Check out this video to get a better idea of what Skimboarding is all about.

The event this year had many participants from all around, as far as the Phillipines, Thailand and even Nigeria, taking part in the competition. Mother nature was kind enough to provide with 4 to 5 feet westerly swells this year which started on Friday morning through to Sunday evening. This gave an advantage to the participants with some long and awesome siders to ride all though the 2 day competition.

The competition was divided into 5 categories which were Women's open, Gromit below 12 years of age, Junior 13 to 17 years of age, Men's 18 to 28 years of age and Men's Senior 29 years of age and above. The heats were held on Day 1 during the morning and evening sessions while the finals were held on Day 2 evening session to cater for ideal wave conditions.

There was some stiff competition this year in the Men's categories with our local riders as well as riders from the Phillipines impressing the judges with their various wave riding skills and aerial technical tricks. The massive swells coming in the late evenings provided a platform for the riders to showcase their skill in Penang's most touted shorebreak.

Here are some pictures from the event:-

Photo credit to Nigel Loh

Photo credit to Nigel Loh

Photo credit to Nigel Loh

Check out the amount of participants and spectators on that day

It's raining Quiksilver stickers!

Prizes for the winners, Quiksilver & Roxy caps, vouchers & Skullcandy headphones.

Most of the participants of that day gave the audience a good show. Here are the winners on that day and congratulations to all of you. =)

12 years and below
1st Miguel Villamin (ph)
2nd Noor Iqmal (pg)

Women Category
1st Monica Rose Lacuesta (ph)
2nd Arlene Arlene Grace Nonato (ph)
3rd Antonette Bombase (ph)

29 years and above
1st Brien Secades (ph)
2nd Dzul (pg)
3rd Kurt Hafiz Farah (Malaysia)

13 - 17 years
1st Fuad Omar (pg)
2nd Mohd Nizam (pg)
3rd Mohd Zaris Hakimi (pg)

18 - 28 years
1st Sonny Boy (ph)
2nd Arjun Jimenez (ph)
3rd Roderick Manoy (ph)

Sonny Boy from the Phillipines won the Men's 18 to 28 years of age category with a flawless performance. The crowd erupted with the loudest cheers everytime he took off on another amazing run. Meanwhile, the Men's Junior 13 to 17 years of age category was won by local Penang boy, Fuad Omar with another local boy, Mohd Nizam coming a close second.

There was also a tight finish in the Men's Senior 29 years of age and above category with Brien Secades of the Philippines pipping local rider Dzul Hakim to the top spot by a mere handful of points. The organisers put in a great effort to set up an awesome competition and all the participants duly skim their heart out to make it a hugely successful event this year.

Press release by Jet-tshen, Kee

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