Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We had our 1st Anniversary Celebration last week.

First, we see people walking in empty handed. On second observe, we see them walking out in a bag or two, alongside grand and delightful smiles.

Need I say more? Things were great and fun the last week!

The doorgifts were redeemed pretty quickly - whithin seconds like hot cakes!

Do you know what are the gifts we're giving out? If you have "NO" for an answer, you're missing out on alot I'm telling you!

Check this out - We have tons of walk-in customers asking if they could pay in the form of buying our doorgifts even when we have already given all out.

And of course, unbelievable discount-rebates were in the lime light.
You've got to have that!

Well, I'll let the pictures do some talking for now.

Masdalina Bt Jailani,
"I'm a Roxy bag lover."

Nur Amirah, 19
"Roxy bags are my favourite!"

Aizat, 21
"I'm on duty next door, but eh, had to check this out!"
"I'm all out for the board-shorts, shirts and belts from Quiksilver."

Arfa, 26 & Fauzi, 29
"Ooohh, ada free gift laa. Best jugak!"

Tiffany Lee, 17
Roxy member since the past 4 years.

"I've always loved Roxy. The bags and purses are pretty!"

Sarah Tay, 20
A college student, joined in the celebration with her sweetheart.

"I love Roxy for a reason. I think the colours are playful and daring."

Mr Boy, 27
The Quiksilver "cutest" person of the day.

"I suka sangat kat Quiksilver's T-shirts and board-shorts."

A complete fashionista day and night.

"Quiksilver is on top of my list, and I'm a member."

Christine,41 & Guo Quan,9
"My oh-so-cute son here insists on coming."
"His choice is mine too."

A sun person, and a beach lover.

"I'm so beachy I relate myself absolutely well with Quiksilver's shirts and board-shorts."
"They complete me."

"I like how the whole boutique looks like."
"The colours on the windows pulled me in, the clothes made me scream in enthusiasm!" 

AS,22 ; Yana,24 ; Zaza,22 ; Pui Feng,28
The enthusiastic bunch.
They know just how to treat you the best you should have.

"I'm a Roxy preferred card member *so proud*!"
"Roxy Denim? Best I can find."

"I'm a Roxy-Girl!"
"I love the name just too much!"
"The brand makes me confident in what I wear,
and the colours are so attracting they make me shine."

Ritzman,21 & Khatijah,61
"It's our mother and son outing today."
"My son arr... he loves Quiksilver so much."
"I even lost track of how many pairs of Quiksilver jeans he owns.."

Miera,25 ; or better known as "Cimux"
It's hard to believe her age when all you see is petite and young.
Miera got her nickname from "Si Gemuk" actually.
According to her, she enjoys being called a fattie though she is so much on the skinnier side of shape.
Serving Roxy for over 4 years, she developed her love for them Roxy bikinis.

"I'm a casual and outdoor person. Roxy suits my personality very well."
"And when I'm at the beach, I see Roxy on every girl's body."
"Roxy Bikinis are that great!"

Muhammad Faiz,26 ; Afazrudins,31
Quiksilver members and top fans.
"Sandals, board-shorts are the best we can find here, not anywhere else."
"It's a shame we don't get to use those surfing boards here, or we're soooo gonna get one each!"

The trio all the way from Perth, Australia.
They are just too cute, aren't they?

"I have uncountable pairs of Roxy flip-flops."

Kay Wong,21
A business student from Help University College.

"I often drop by Roxy to check out their latest collections with all my girlfriends."
"The purses, bags and flip-flops are my must-haves."

Loi Pei Yin, Soon Jia Huu, Chan Tze Yiing, 16
The "Just-Joined" groupie is fasinated with the wonderful and awesome promotions.

"We are very happy with what we've got for ourselves."
"We'll definitely make Roxy our heaven of choice on our next shopping spree."

Don't you love us too?
Come come, check out what we have for you!

The next few locations we have will be a definte enlightment for you.

You won't be disappointed.
Now you have my word :)

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