Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't miss it again!

If you've missed our previous Anniversary week, never intend to do it twice.

We're bringing you a brand new way of celebrating it this week.

Venue and Schedule as below :

16 – 18 October 2009

QS & RX Pavilion
QS Kids Pavilion
QS Sunway Pyramid
QS Alamanda

Colourful balloons, you will see.

Discount promotions with an attractive eye too!
Members, spend RM100 and you're entitled 50% rebate voucher.
Non-members, we have not left you out. You have your fair share too.
Spend RM150, and you're entitled the same 50%  rebate voucher.

So what's not great? Everyone loves 50%. No?

Oh, and on top of that, we've hooked up with Gloria Jeans for a coffee kiosk setup right outside the Pavilion outlet.
We want you to have a nice and chilling day out.
Listen up, with any purchase of RM100, you'll be fed with free drinks from the Gloria Jeans kiosk.
Save your time and effort walking anywhere else hunting for drinks after a long walk. How thoughtful :)

Come and enjoy what your fellow members had the last week.
Don't just stare in envy!

The delightful and somewhat colourful day awaits :)

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