Tuesday, October 20, 2009

U Know U Love Us.

"Do you have swimmmmmm-wear?"

A lady walked in and uttered.

You must be thinking - WHAT??

I had the same response too.
I wasn't sure if bikinis were considered swimwears at first.
But heck, after 5 seconds of long pause, I nodded.
Showed her the direction and she stalked immediately towards.

An hour and a half later, I see her walking out with 3 enormously pretty ROXY paperbags in hand.
Uhh... Loaded with new bikinis I suppose?

Oh well. Our anniversary has come and now gone.
I'm pretty sure the rest of you had the time of your weekend with us.

I see heavy traffic in and out the stores, really.
Fitting rooms were occupied at all times. Cashier counter never had a peace of mind. Redemption booth were congested with high sirens! Membership applicants rushing for hot cakes.

Our set-up coffee kiosk served the best "free" coffee specially for you to blend in with the atmosphere too!

Even those event flyer girls became everyone's best friend to see.
I mean, why not?
You get flyers from them, redeem goodies at the door, enjoy the promotions after.

That was amazingly thrilling I tell you.

Keen for some photos?

Enough for the day I believe.
We're all wornt out after 3 exciting yet exhausting days.

We'll meet again!

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