Wednesday, December 9, 2009


DC - A brand of all you know, not a term 'Disconnected', like what we always use on MSN.

I've had a disclosure uncertainty. I have a problem.
I constantly feel bad for not sharing the best.

Let's go!

So.... DC. I'm sure you've heard?
Don't act like a freak, please.

Founded by Ken Block and Damon Way in 1993, DC quickly grew to a leader in performance skatebaording shoes and renowned action sports brand.

Today, DC stands as a global brand whose product line has expanded to include men's, women's and kids.

Here you see skateboarding and lifestyle shoes, apparels, skateboards and accessories.

DC is proudly a subsidiary of Quiksilver, Inc.

As one of the cornerstones of its marketing strategy, DC has built a world-class team of professional skateboarding, surfing, BMX, motorcross and rally athletes that exemplify and enhance DC's brand, develop its signature products, and support its promotional efforts.

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