Thursday, November 17, 2011

Terengganu Quiksilver Best Event!

The long awaited Surf Contest is happening here Malaysia, located at Batu Burok, Terengganu. For those who are interested, please download the contest form right below!

Please read and understand.
Heat Times
  • Heat last for 15 minutes or 35 minutes with a break in between of no less than 10 seconds. 10 minutes before the end of the heat is when the participants are called for the next heat. The final call when participants may paddle out to the water is from 5 to 1 minute before the end of heat, depending on the situation at the time of contest.
  • Heats may not be extended or shortened when a heat is in operation
  • Before a heat is started, the Contest Director may extend the time of a heat
  • A time system will be in operation with the use of a flag or colored board.
- Red = Heat has not started yet
- Green = Start of heat
- Yellow = 5 minutes or less left in the heat
  • Interference Penalty will be called on surfers found to be riding after the completion of heat, or found to be in the wrong heat.
  • Indications of start and finish for heat:
- Start = 1 blow of the horn
- Finish = 2 blow of the horn

Heat Draw
  • Heat placing for surfers is based on the seeding made by the ASC Director and in every heat only the top 50 percent advance into the following round.
  • When a surfer shows up late or fails to arrive on time for his heat, he will not be allowed to join in the next heat.
Wave Counts and Judging
  • A surfer is only allowed 10 waves in each heat and 12 waves in the final.
  • Scoring will be on the 2 highest score.
  • If a surfer takes more than 10, an interference Penalty awaits him for every wave he took. However, his best waves will be evaluated for every heat.
  • A 5 judge panel will be at each event and only the evaluation of 3 judges will be used from the judge with the highest scores. Low scores will be deleted.

Interference Penalty
  • The surfer deemed to have the inside position for a waves has the unconditional right of way for the entire duration of that ride. Interference will be called if during that ride a majority of judges feel that a fellow competitor has hindered the scoring potential of that surfer deemed to have right of way for that wave.
  • The choice of right of way criteria for all of the possible situations is the situation is the responsibility of the Head Judge. It does not depend on who stand up first on a wave (as this will be valid only in case of peaked waves)
  1. A beach break of one peak, right or left, the surfer nearest the peak has the right to that wave. If the peak is divided in left and right the surfer who   moves towards that wave has more right to the wave.
  2. A beach break with two different peaked waves involving two surfers will make the surfer who gets on his feet first the rightful owner of the wave. And if both surfers get up simultaneously and neither gives way by kicking out or cutting back, a double interference will be called.

  • The surfer who is farthest inside at the initial point of take-off and has established wave possession is entitled to that wave for the duration of their ride, even though another surfer may subsequently take off behind them.
  • If in the opinion of the judges, the second surfer has interfered with (snaked) the original surfer with the right of way, by causing them to pull out or lose the wave, then interference may be called on the second surfer, even though they were behind the first surfer when the penalty was called.

Paddling Interference
  • In 4 people heats or non priority one-on-ne situations, another surfer paddling for the same wave should not excessively hinder a surfer who has inside position. Paddling interference may be called if:
  1. One of the surfers makes physical contact
  2. One of the surfers destroys the wave
  • If such interference happens, the judge should decide if the interference had been done on purpose or not. If it had been done deliberately the surfer will be penalized.

Interference Penalty
  • An interference penalty is called if the majority of the judges call it interference.
  • If such and interference has occurred, the wave of the respective surfer will earn a 0 score. Under 2 best waves the interfering surfer will be penalized with a loss of 50% of his second best scoring ride in priority situations only. One best wave will be counted while two best values will be halved from the final count of all the judges.
  • When a surfer has been harassed by another and interference occurred, the interfered surfer will get the right to an additional wave for every interference he suffered. However, with a double interference both surfers will not receive additional waves.
  • When the majority of the judges find that interference had taken place, the decision is final. No one can alter such a decision, as decisions issude by the Head Judge are irrevocable.

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