Thursday, November 17, 2011

Terengganu Quiksilver Best Event! - Judging Criteria & Contest Category

The Judging Criteria is made up of important elements that each needs to be analyzed. Each of the important elements is highlighted below:
“The surfer must perform committed radical maneuvers in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power and flow to maximize scoring potential. Innovative / Progressive surfing as well as a Variety of Repertoire (maneuvers) will be taken into account when rewarding points for waves ridden. The surfer who executes his criteria with the maximum Degree of Difficulty and Commitment on the waves will be rewarded with higher score”.

1. Committed Radical Maneuvers: Note the emphasis on committed and radical. So what are committed and radical maneuvers? Is a cutback as committed and radical as either a vertical reentry or a tube ride? The answer is NO. Therefore the judge must be aware of the degree of difficulty of each maneuver the surfer performs and identify the softer movies from the committed and radical moves. Rewards the committed radical maneuvers with more points than the softer moves.

2. Most Critical Sections of the Wave: Note the emphasis on most critical sections of the wave. What are the most critical section of a wave? Is the shoulder of the wave on the edge of the sandbank or the closeout shore break as critical a section of the wave as a steep committed take off or the peeling, tubing section of the wave? The answer is NO. The judge must be aware of the wave as it breaks and goes through its different stages. Reward the moves performed in the critical section of the wave with more points then moves on the softer sections of the wave.

3. Speed, Power and Flow: There is clear emphasis on the three important elements of Speed, Power and Flow. Speed shows the surfers commitment and ability in the move. Power is the strength the surfer applies to the move. Flow is how the moves are linked to one another. Reward the surfer with the better flow, the greatest power and the highest speed with more points than the surfer who has the kooky style, does flicky moves and struggles to generate any speed out of the wave.

4. Maximize Scoring Potential: Note the emphasis on the word, maximize, when describing the scoring potential of the surfer on the wave. The judging scale is from 0.1 to 10 and the judge should be using the full scale, all the way up to 10. Too often judges get caught in a range of 3 to 7 points and do not truly reward and excellent ride. Even in 2 foot, wind blown, sloppy waves it is possible for a surfer to score 10 points if there was nothing more the surfer could have possible done on the wave. This part of the criteria is telling the judge to use the full scale from 0.1 to 10. Reward the waves as follow:

Poor Wave 0.1 – 2.0
Average Wave 2.1 – 4.0
Good Wave – 4.1 – 6.0
Very Good Wave -6.1 – 8.0
Excellent Wave 8.1 – 10

5. Innovative / Progressive Surfing: Note the emphasis on innovative and progressive. The sport of surfing must keep developing and getting better, this section of the criteria acknowledges that some surfers are pushing the limits of competition surfing and creating new moves. Reward a surfer for their innovation, not penalize them. The judge must also be aware of what is an innovative and progressive move and what is a trick!

6. Highest Degree of Difficulty and Control: The emphasis is on the degree of difficulty and the control the surfer displayed while riding the wave. The Judge must assess the overall performance of the surfer on the entire wave. Reward the surfer who commits himself to attempting the manoeuvres with the highest degree of difficulty while still maintaining total control over the board and its position on the wave for the entire duration of the ride.

7. The Better Waves: The emphasis is on the better waves in a heat. Reward the surfer who catches the better waves in a heat and fulfills the rest of the judging criteria with a score that maximizes the surfer’s scoring potential.

Competition Category:
1. Open (Male of any age)
2. Women (Female of any age)
3. Master (Male or Female 35 years and above)
4. Grommet (Boys & Girls below 16 years)
5. Bodyboard (Male or Female of any age)

Entry fee’s for Open, Women, Master & Bodyboard is RM50 per person. Grommet Division is free.

Each contestant will get a starter pack consist of Event Booklet, Event Tshirt & Quiksilver Gift.

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