Monday, July 16, 2012

Justin Bieber's Shopping Spree in Quiksilver Sunway Pyramid

Hello Beliebers!

I hope last Saturday was a splendid weekend for all you Justin Bieber's fans out there as he performed for the opening act in the recent MTV World Stage 2012 concert in Sunway Surf Beach. Just less than 24 hours before he was set to perform, Justin was spotted around shopping malls in Klang Valley with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He had also made a surprise appearance in Sunway Pyramid and best part is... he was in the Quiksilver store!

Justin and his crew getting a few items from the store

He and his crew had made a few purchases from the Quiksilver store in Sunway Pyramid. Here are the items that they got from the store.
Quiksilver Boardshorts Cypher Wonderland 5 22' (blue) - RM239.90

Quiksilver Blazer Sandal (Black) - RM79.90

Quiksilver Sandal Transfer (racred) - RM 69.90

**Available online at

Quiksilver Boardshorts Bullseye (blue) - RM199.90

Quiksilver Boardshorts Bullseye (white) - RM199.90

Quiksilver Boardshorts Meltz - RM189.90

Quiksilver Sandal Quik Embross (black) - RM109.90

Quiksilver Sandal Basic (black) - RM59.90

Quiksilver Boardshorts Cypher Paradox - RM209.90

Guess where he was spotted next after his shopping spree?

JB surfing at Sunway Surf Beach

The multi-talented singer could sing, dance, act and also SURF! Wow! Well, thank you Justin and his crew for shopping with us and we hope you had a good stay here in Malaysia. Hope to have you back with us soon.


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  2. Man I got the copy of his receipt from the store:)

  3. Ong, i wished i was there..