Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happenings in store!

Ahoi there!

Have you visited the Quiksilver & Roxy stores yet? There are plenty of promotions happening in our outlets. Here are a few promotions that are still running for limited time only.

1. Hari Raya Voucher Promotion (14/7 till 2/9)

1. Customer who spend RM 150 and above are entitled for a RM 20 voucher.
2. Customer who spend RM 300 and above are entitled for a RM 50 voucher.

3. Customer who spend RM 1000 and above are entitled for a RM 300 voucher.

2. XL PROMOTION (for limited time only)

Buy 2 Free 2 for all Quiksilver Men's apparel in size XL, XXL & XXXL only.

3. Shoes Promotion (14/7 till 2/9)

Buy ANY 2 Quiksilver shoes for only RM399.90. That's TWO for RM399.90!

4. Jeans Promotion (14/7 till 2/9)

Customers are entitled to purchased a Quiksilver Bump Cap for only RM49.90 (U/P: RM109.90) with any purchase of Quiksilver jeans (applicable for Quiksilver Men, Boys & Kid Jeans). 

5. Undergarment Promotion (14/7 till 2/9)

Time to get comfy! Get 2 pairs of Quiksilver undergarments for RM99.90 (U/P:RM59.90) and RM149.90 (U/P:RM79.90).

6. US Tee Promotion (14/7 till 2/9)

Get 2 US Tee for only RM139.90 (U/P: RM99.90)

7. Roxy Long Sleeve Tee Promotion (for limited time only)

Purchase 3 Roxy Long Sleeve Tees for only RM150. Not one, not two, but THREE Roxy Long Sleeve Tees for RM150! (U/P: 109.90 each)

The promotions are available in ALL Quiksilver & Roxy stores in Malaysia except for JPO, Leisure Mall and Sunway Lagoon (Quiksilver Surfhouse). 

***Terms & conditions applies to all promotions***

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  1. hi... been buying your products eversince... in your facebook page, it is stated that members are entitled for vouchers for every specific purchase... how come when i buy from your shop im not receiving any vouchers? is it saved in my membership card? how can we claim it? please advice...