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Roxy "Let the Sea Set You Free" Bali Trip

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Raya is just around the corner! Are you excited?!? Well, don't forget to check out the promotions that are available in the Quiksilver & Roxy stores nationwide.  

Anyways, just wanna update you with the latest event from Roxy. 
Just 2 weeks ago, six lucky girls from 5 different countries had made their way to Bali for a once in a lifetime Roxy adventure after being named as the face of Roxy for each of their respective countries. The Roxy girls are Natasha Seatter, Malaysia, Amanda Lee, Singapore, Muncharee Khaowiset, Thailand, Jessica Jana Johan, Indonesia, Andrea Vega and Agatha Henry, Philippines, had all come together for a Roxy adventure. 

from left, Andrea Vega, Amanda Lee, Muncharee Khaowiset, Jessica Jana Johan, Natasha Seatter & Agatha Henry

The girls met each other for the first time in Bali. They had won themselves 5 days 4 nights trip to Bali from July 23rd till July 27th, where they were given a chance to get to know the Roxy team as well as the Roxy athletes. The Roxy girls were then treated to a welcome dinner at the Sari Organic restaurant which serves organic healthy meals for their guests.

Each of the Roxy girls flew in from their respective countries on July 23rd and the girls were brought to the Bamboo Indah Hotel in Ubud, for their first accommodation in Bali. 

This location was featured in the movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts & Javier Bardem

The Roxy girls were then treated to a welcome dinner at the Sari Organic restaurant which serves organic healthy meals for their guests. 

 The Roxy adventure officially began on July 24th, as they were taken to Tampak Siring for a 20KM bicycle rides, surrounded by stunning surroundings of Ubud, Bali. 

Ubud is known for its breathtaking green sceneries & beautiful paddy field

The girls were then transferred to a new accommodation at The Villas, Seminyak, where they were given a pampering treatment by Prana Spa, following their bicycle rides around Ubud.

Day 2 ended with a dinner party at The Villas where everyone had the chance to get to know each other better and meet with the new face and spokesperson of Roxy, Madison Setiawan, who had won the competition for the Asia Pacific region. 


Majority of the participants for this trip including, the Roxy girls, the Roxy team and the media, were looking forward to Day 3 where the most anticipated Roxy adventures began on that day. The participants started their morning with a Yoga exercise instructed by the Yoga guru, Laura, at the Prana Room located in The Villas. 

Later on, they made their way to Hard Rock Hotel for some surfing lessons by the instructors of Bali Learn to Surf, located in the hotel. 

The instructors briefed them on the techniques of surfing and the do’s and don’ts when surfing in the water.

Girls being briefed by the surfing guru of Bali Learn to Surf, Matt Scarff
They were then taken to Kuta Beach, just across the Hard Rock Hotel, for some real surfing actions.

Most of the Roxy girls showed off their skills as they have the experience of surfing back home. The girls were also given a few tips on surfing by Roxy athlete: Gemala Hanafiah, whom had joined from the beginning of the trip.

Soon after few hours of surfing, the girls were given the opportunity to help out with the sea turtles conservation, located near the beach. The girls were given a newly hatched sea turtle each to be released back into the sea. 

Natasha Seatter, Malaysia, mentioned that, “The trip so far has given me priceless experience from surfing with professionals, meeting people from different countries and now, helping to save these baby turtles”. At the end of Day 3, they were treated to a delicious meat free dinner at Mantra Restaurant, owned by one of the Quiksilver pro-surfer, Tipi Jabrik. 


Day 4 of the trip was a day spent soaking in the sun while having the waves and sand beneath them. The participants were taken to Balangan beach which is an hour away from Seminyak. Balangan beach is unlike the other beaches that they had visited. It is located in a secluded area and the waves are meant for those who have the skills in surfing. Matt Scarff, the surfing coach instructor from Bali Learn to Surf was invited to further coach the Roxy girls in their surfing skill.


Further in the evening, they were brought to the Uluwatu Temple for a sunset view and some cultural exposure. Visitors of the Uluwatu Temple were entertained by the Kecak dancers which narrated the love story of Rama and Sita through their artistic movements. 

The participants had spent their last night in Bali dining at Menega Seafood restaurant. The restaurant is located in between a stretch of other restaurants where patrons come to dine by the beach accompanied with the sound and breeze of the sea. 

On the last day of their trip, the girls were brought to the Roxy store for some shopping spree. The girls bid their farewell with one another after lunch, with a vow to surf again together in Bali. 

The Roxy “Let the Sea Set You Free” Bali trip has given the participants a hands on Roxy experience and a better understanding of what the brand is all about. Roxy is more than just a clothing brand; it is a brand that allows girls to be naturally beautiful, fun and alive, daring and confidence.

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